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Try to eat healthy, well-balanced meals
Avoid loading up on junk food and refined sugar
Limit caffeine as it can aggravate stress and anxiety
Avoid excessive alcohol, tobacco, and substance use

Meal Planning

For the places where you might grab a snack or have a meal on the go (such as the car or at your desk), make sure you have nutritious snacks available or at home that you can take with you. For example:

“Grab-and-go” fruits: apples, oranges, bananas, canned fruit without added sugars, and raisins
Washed and chopped fresh vegetables: celery, carrots, and cucumbers
Low-fat and fat-free milk products: yogurt without added sugars, milk, and low-fat cheeses
Whole-grain crackers and breads
Protein choices such as low-fat deli turkey slices or almonds and other nuts and seeds

Take the time to make a shopping list and re-stock your cabinets and fridge with healthy options. It’s also a good idea to think about stocking your office cabinet or car glove box with healthy shelf-stable treats if these are places where you snack. You’ll find it’s easier to make better choices when you have a good variety of nutritious foods available in the places where you eat.